About Us

We all have something that we love to do.

Our hobbies are one of the wonderful parts of ourselves. It's how we express our creativity, where we pour our passion, and is the place we love to spend our time. Hobbies make us who we are. They set us apart, but also connect us.

HobJoy.com provides fantastic offers from innovative partners that enable you to do more of what you love to do. In essence, HobJoy.com helps you enjoy your hobby more by being able to do more of it, do it better, or be more productive.

We search for mostly small and medium-sized merchants across the country.  We believe in shopping locally and supporting small business.  If you think about it, supporting a small business is supporting local shopping somewhere.  It might not be in your town, but that small business is in someone's town.  It's our hope that you will discover a new merchant and become a lifelong customer there.  HobJoy is their platform to help them find you.  

At HobJoy, we pride ourselves on our personal touch. How we select our offers, work with our partners, and respect our customers is based upon the premise that “from good things given, good things come”. That might sound a bit old-fashioned, but trust us, we're not. We just believe that doing the right thing for all our stakeholders has always, and continues to be, the best business strategy.

Part of our work with partners is bringing you interesting products, especially products or bundles that you can't find anywhere else.  We work with them to leverage their expertise to understand what products might work well together.  

Another part of what we do is bring you those products at great prices.  We do that in a number of ways.  Small businesses often face significant constraints to compete against those 'big box' stores, since they don't usually have the same type of purchasing leverage with manufacturers and distributors.  One of the wasy we're able to bring these deals to you is because we have a more restrictive returns policy.  By not having to factor in costs for processing returns or incur expenses for refunds, we can pass along those savings to you.  But, please make sure you read the returns policies very carefully on each order.  In many cases, returns are NOT accepted.  In the case of defective products, the product will be replaced with another of the same item.  This information is clearly stated on each offer so you're not caught unaware, but we feel that being upfront and transparent is the best way to do business.

When you purchase from HobJoy, you're not actually buying the product.  What you're buying is the RIGHT to purchase the product from the merchant at that price for a limited time.  After you pay HobJoy, you'll be provided with a unique Voucher Code that you can then use to redeem for the product offered within the expiration period.  You take that Voucher Code to the partner as specified on the offer and redeem your Voucher Code with them.  Make sure you redeem this Voucher Code right away, for if the expiration period passes, you can't redeem the Voucher Code for the product, though you'll still have credit at the store for the amount you paid.

Want to know more? Great! We love to hear from our customers and consumers. Let us know how we're doing, what you love, and what we can do better.


Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to earn your business.  We hope to see you around often.



The HobJoy Team

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